Eloquent Writing, Precise Editing

Calliope Communications is a writing, editing and content consultancy business helmed by the eagle-eyed and highly capable Amber Na. She believes that if a story is worth telling, it's worth telling well.



1. Discovery

Eloquence and precision

The goal of this project was to establish the brand identity for Amber's recently founded content consultancy business, Calliope Communications. The first step was to discover the meaning behind the company's name. Calliope (k-ah-LY-oh-pee) is the Greek muse of eloquence and poetry. Through working with Amber, this quickly became the inspiration behind the brand identity, and her own research showed strong evidence of eloquent writing and precise editing.

2. Design

brand identity   |   brand guidelines

Once the discovery process was complete and the brand identity was defined, the design of the logo and accompanying brand guidelines became the focus. Calliope Communications's logo focuses on the harmony between the eloquent writing and precise editing that Amber brings to every project—whether it be in writing content for a blog, or editing a book or annual report. The symmetrical, curling lines of the graphic mark represent the concept of writing encouraging action, creating a cycle of one echoing and fueling the other. The brand fonts are a perfect pairing of an expressive script and a classic serif which further serve to demonstrate the concept of balance behind the brand identity.

3. Delivery

a strong foundation

Through the design and development of Calliope Communications's brand identity, logo, and brand guidelines, Amber now has a strong brand foundation for her business to continue to grow and develop in the future. The brand's vibrant colors and fonts set it apart from the muted competition, and attract a calculated audience who crave refined, skilled writing and consulting services. 


client review:

"I saw first-hand how his creative talent, motivation and constant quest to learn and improve set him miles apart from other designers. Unlike many graphic designers, there is no ego in Josiah’s work; rather, it’s fueled by a pure dedication to deliver beautiful designs that exceed his clients’ expectations."
—Amber Na, Owner

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