Message in a bottle.

After being in business for over 40 years Heritage Wine & Liquor had built up a loyal customer base, but was in dire need of a brand overhaul.



1. Discovery

service, selection and savings

With a serious competitor just down the street, Heritage Wine & Liquor's owners realized that good design needed to play a serious role in the company like it never had before. The brief was simple. We need a better identity that’s easy to use and will attract new customers without alienating our current customer base. The loyal customer base visits Heritage for their service, selection and savings. These messages became an integral part of the brand promise and were displayed in a way that existing and new customers wouldn't be able to miss.

2. Design

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Every so often when designing a logo, the most incredible concept also yields the simplest and purest form of an idea. This was the case with the Heritage Wine & Liquor logo. Hours of brainstorming and sketching eventually produced a custom "H" that was drawn to reveal a wine bottle in the negative space, providing instant context in a sophisticated and subtle way.

From the logo concept emerged a unique pattern that instantly captivated the Heritage owners and eventually worked its way into many of the final pieces produced. Taking the inverse form of the wine bottle revealed in the “H” these bottles represented the appreciation for all manner of spirits inside the bottles, and not just loyalty to particular brands.

3. Delivery

a revitalized brand | collateral templates | design systems

The resulting brand made sure that each piece of the identity said a lot with a little and could easily be used by managers and staff to maintain an elevated and cohesive brand. Heritage Wine & Liquors' owners and staff continue to build upon the brand foundation. The straightforward approach has allowed them to take control of their brand and deliver an elevated experience.


key Takeaways:

Heritage Wine & Liquor not only saw a renewed interest from their customer base, but from their employees as well. Showing pride in the brand and store led to boosted morale and elevated service.

With the new identity, Heritage Wine & Liquor proves that investing in your brand can have a big impact both internally and externally.

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