A change for the better.

Mitaka develops new technologies in the fields of microscopic, fluorescent, and 3D surgical imaging. What started out as updates to their marketing collateral, transformed into a total brand refresh to incorporate fine-tuned and consistent branding to their already impeccable line of products.



1. Discovery

kaizen and a major disconnect

Mitaka came to Mothershed Design Company with a brand that lacked cohesion. The materials they were working with weren't at the same level as the high-end microsurgery products they were distributing. In order to be a disruptor in the space, we knew that some serious changes needed to be made. Through the discovery process, we uncovered the business philosophy at the heart of the company's 20+ year history—Kaizen—the idea of constant or continuous change for the better. This philosophy had defined the company internally, but we realized there was potential to represent this visually throughout the brand.

2. Design

Brand identity | Positioning | identity collateral | brand guidelines | environmental graphics | advertising | illustration | Photography

After the thorough and revealing discovery process, we had a lot to work with for the design phase. The discovery of Kaizen being an integral part of the company led to a design element that permeated the entire brand, the Ripple. A ripple is the perfect representation of a small point making a big impact and continuously expanding. This simple graphic became the focal point in the identity and gave Mitaka an effective way to display a core value of the brand on almost every application. 

We also knew that getting high quality photography was going to be an invaluable asset so we worked with a photographer to capture the beauty of the products that Mitaka hadn't had access to in the past. The combination of striking imagery, a refined color palette and meaningful graphic elements elevated Mitaka to a premium brand.

3. Delivery

a revitalized brand | collateral templates | design systems

Mothershed Design Company gave Mitaka a head-to-toe identity refresh, which set them up for the future with a well-defined brand. The resources developed like collateral templates and brand guidelines will help ensure that the quality is consistently upheld for years to come.


key Takeaways:

Mitaka realized that if they were going to take their business to the next level, they needed to look the part. There was a disconnect between the quality of the products and the quality of the identity.

Mothershed Design Company worked hard with Mitaka to close this gap, and establish a premium feeling brand that would serve them better long into the future.

Mitaka Letterhead
Mitaka Brand Guidelines

Product photography by Jason Carncross

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