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Mitaka USA

Mitaka came to Mothershed Design Company with a brand that lacked cohesion. Their branding wasn’t at the same level as the high-end microsurgery products they were distributing. Mitaka realized that if they were going to take their business to the next level, they needed to look the part. 

In order to help Mitaka to be competitive, MDCo. completed a head-to-toe brand refresh, including defined brand messaging, a redesigned logo, new website, marketing and trade show collateral, and premium product photography. Mitaka walked away with a premium feeling brand that established them as an expert in the field of microsurgery technology.

Through the Discovery process, we uncovered the business philosophy at the heart of the company’s 20+ year history, Kaizen—the idea of constant or continuous change for the better. This discovery led to a design element that permeated the entire brand, the Ripple.

A ripple is the perfect representation of a small point expanding to make a big impact. This simple graphic became the focal point in Mitaka's identity and provided an effective way to display a core value of the brand.

Mothershed Design Company provided art direction for Mitaka's photography to capture the beauty and precision of their innovative products.

The combination of striking imagery, a refined color palette, and meaningful graphic elements elevate Mitaka to a premium brand.

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Video Production and Animation by Zerosun Creative

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