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Mothershed Design Company partners with our clients to discover their needs, design solutions, and deliver successful outcomes. We specialize in brand identity and logo design, but apply strategic thinking and problem solving skills to a wide variety of projects. Read below for a more in-depth look at our capabilities.



Brand Identity

comprehensive identity package

A brand is the perception of what your business represents. The right brand identity is crucial in attracting your audience, standing out from the competition, and ensuring your business’s future success. We identify your brand through our three-step process of Discovery, Design, and Delivery.

Identity Collateral

your identity brought to life

Whether establishing a new business or building on an existing brand, identity collateral is what creates awareness and brings consistency to your brand. Your company's website, marketing materials, and other print and digital collateral all help to build and maintain your brand.


Logo Design

Mothershed design company's specialty

We help translate your business into a single, visual representation of your brand through logo design. The logo should be the most recognizable element of your business, and as such should be created through a deep understanding of your brand.

Art Direction

champion finger pointers

Mothershed Design Company demonstrates how to best represent a concept visually through expert art direction. Whether a photoshoot, video, or other creative project, we help you see the big picture. 


Print Design

stay relevant across all mediums

We transform your company's messaging into meaningful, tangible experiences through printed collateral. 

Web Design

don't take your online presence for granted

As the main touchpoint of your business, your website must be top-notch. We combine our design expertise with experienced developers to create websites that are functional, easy-to-use, and on brand.



the full package

Presenting your products in an authentic and consistent way is crucial in making the sale. With your customers as the focus, we translate products into on-brand packaging systems.


get people where they're going 

The importance of signage and wayfinding cannot be underestimated. Get people in the door with beautiful signage and help them navigate with easy-to-understand and visually pleasing design.


Environmental Graphics

design for spaces and places 

Make your office, warehouse, store or entire building and extension of your brand. Compliment your environment with precise graphics that strategically represent your business and engage your customers or employees.


let your imagination run wild 

We bring your ideas to life through original illustrations. Represent your brand through highly visual and detailed graphics to engage your audience.



you're reading it now 

Bring your business's messagaging to life through words. With our in-depth discovery process, we learn what makes your business tick and how to say it.

Motion Design

incredible design, in motion 

Increase your audience's engagement through motion graphics. We apply design principles to video production to produce valuable content that captivates your audience.



Take your business to the next level.