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Working with Josiah and Meg was truly remarkable. I thoroughly enjoyed working with them both. Effective communication, project management, and affordability were three key criteria that were very important to me. The Mothershed Design team not only delivered but exceeded my criteria. I am very pleased with the results.
— Dave, Pantera Security
Josiah was highly recommended to me for his impressive artistic ability and creativity. He was able to capture the essence of what I wanted to portray for my business. The design, colors and layout of the brand and brochure are professional and showcased his remarkable talent. I would definitely recommend Josiah Mothershed for your next design!
— Margaret, After School All Stars
We asked Josiah to design a poster for a performance for our theater group. It was a joy to work with him. He was professional, courteous, timely, and highly skilled. I have worked with many artists and designers over the past 10 years for promotions. The experience of working with Josiah was by far one of the best. Not only did he create a perfect set of materials for our play, he was thoughtful about the edits we asked him to do. I appreciated his expertise and guidance, as well as his ability to help us create the best possible design. I highly recommend Josiah.
— Kelly, Atlas Theater
After collaborating with Josiah on numerous client design projects at a branding agency, I saw first-hand how his creative talent, motivation and constant quest to learn and improve set him miles apart from other designers. Unlike many graphic designers, there is no ego in Josiah’s work; rather, it’s fueled by a pure dedication to deliver beautiful designs that exceed his clients’ expectations.

As a copywriter and editor, I appreciate Josiah’s thoroughness and the thoughtful care he takes to ensure the proper meaning is conveyed in his designs, from abstract logos and icons to copy-heavy reports and collateral.
— amber, Calliope Communications
Josiah has been designing logos and poster art for us for the last ten years. His work, at face value, is witty and inventive: perfect for a comedy show! His work, upon inspection, is intelligent and demonstrates a detailed understanding of the subject he is designing for.

Josiah has an ability to capture the heart and purpose of an entire production with crisp, simple, and precise imagery. He works frighteningly fast, brings many an idea of his own to the table, and listens to your own “design concepts” with a willing and collaborative ear... even if that idea consists of nothing more than, “I don’t know? Can there just be like, some cows on it?” We couldn’t recommend him and his work highly enough!
— The Guys of Cheaply Intellectual Productions
Josiah listened carefully to what I envisioned for my company, and he brought the brand to life. He is very thoughtful in how and why he builds a brand. Everything has purpose and intention. Not only is he a creative mastermind, but he is also professional and sticks to the timelines. In addition to building the logo and brand identity, Josiah worked on my website. As a solo-preneur it can be difficult to flesh out ideas solely on your own. We sat down and talked through the logic behind the website. He brought his depth of knowledge on website aesthetics and best practices to build a beautiful and easy to navigate website. He also created business cards and templates for brand consistency.

I have received many compliments on the brand and website! Thank you Josiah for providing a solid and professional foundation to successfully start my company.
— madison, Shri Wellness


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