Brand Essentials Package

59% of people will choose to do business with a company over one of its competitors based on good design, and 45% have even paid more for a product or service with good design.

Don’t lose business to the competition. With the Brand Essentials Package, you’ll stand out with a professional brand that matches the quality of your products or services.

Perfect for small businesses looking to rebrand their business or build a new brand from scratch, this package includes:

2-Hour Strategy Session
Start with a 2-Hour Strategy Session via video call to gather the right information and lay the groundwork for your brand. We take an in-depth look at your business, audience, competition, and develop mood boards to ensure we're on the same page before any design work begins.

Logo Design
Translate your business into a recognizable, visual symbol of your brand with a custom logo. This includes two initial logo concepts and three rounds of revisions, resulting in your final logo design and accompanying file suite.

Mission, Vision & Tagline
Who are you, what do you do, and why does it matter? We specialize in discovering the answers to these essential questions by developing your mission, vision, and tagline. Identify what makes your business different and how to tell your unique brand story.

Brand Color Palette
Color increases brand recognition by up to 80% and is crucial in distinguishing your brand from the competition. You’ll receive a brand color palette that’s easily recognizable, includes color code breakdowns, and establishes brand consistency across platforms.

Source: University of Loyola

Brand Typography
Ensure your brand exudes who you are and what you do through the fonts you use. You’ll walk away with a typography system that reflects your brand’s personality and is easy to use for headlines, subheadings, and body copy.

Imagery & Graphic Style
Whether your brand is modern, traditional, bold, or conservative, your imagery and graphic style visually communicate who you are to your audience. You’ll receive the right images and custom graphics to communicate your message and build brand recognition.

Brand Guidelines
This handy reference document ensures your brand is used consistently across all platforms and includes a detailed breakdown of all your brand identity elements and how to use your brand asset files.

A one-sheet is a single-page, evergreen marketing tool. Send your one-sheet to a prospect via email or print and use it as a leave-behind after a sales meeting. You’ll receive a one-sheet that’s on-brand complete with custom copywriting that emphasizes your business’s value.

+ Complimentary Printing Assistance

We order, print, and ship your branded items directly to your door! Through our partnership with Moo, you’ll receive a 10% discount on all printing.

Business Card
Receive a print-ready business card design for you and each member of your team to start growing brand awareness and building connections.

+ Complimentary Printing Assistance

We order, print, and ship your branded items directly to your door! Through our partnership with Moo, you’ll receive a 10% discount on all printing.

Social Media Profile & Cover Graphics
Ensure your brand is consistent across all social platforms with a custom profile and cover image for Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn.

Social Media Launch Kit
Promote your new brand on social media! You’ll receive three custom social media templates using Canva to launch your new brand. Canva is an easy-to-use online design tool. Not a Canva Pro user yet? Use our affiliate link to sign up!

Your Investment: $6000
Timeline: 8 – 10 Weeks

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How It Works

1. Strategy Session
We start with a 2-Hour Strategy Session via video call to gather the right information and lay the groundwork for your brand.

2. Logo Design & Brand Positioning
Once your Strategy Session has been conducted, we get to work designing your logo concepts and developing your mission, vision, and unique selling proposition statements.

3. Brand Identity Elements
With your logo and brand positioning finalized, we develop the remainder of your brand identity elements including color, typography, imagery, and graphic style.

4. Brand Collateral
Finally, we develop your brand collateral including business cards, email signatures, one-sheet, social media profile and cover images, and a social media launch kit to give you everything you need to start promoting your new brand!

5. Brand Guidelines & Final Files
You’ll walk away with all your final files along with a custom brand guidelines detailing your fonts, colors, and how to use your files to ensure your brand is used consistently across all platforms.


Brand Essentials +
Custom Website Package

By combining the Brand Essentials Package with a Website Package, you’ll receive everything you need to communicate your business’s value and attract qualified leads.

You’ll walk away with a strong visual identity that stands out from competitors and a website that speaks to your audience and does the selling for you.

Other Designers

Unclear Process & Vague Timelines

Long, Boring Questionnaires

Numerous Generic Options

Only Provide Design Services

Pay More or Just Wing It

Get “Ghosted” for Weeks at a Time

Outsourced “Mystery” Designers

Mothershed Design Co.

Packaged Services & Streamlined Process

Strategy Session via Video Call

2 Strategic Logo Concepts

Mission, Vision & USP

Social Media Launch Kit

Clear, Consistent Communication

100% In-House Services

You’ve Got Questions, We’ve Got Answers.

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