Answer These 3 Important Questions Before Building Your Brand

Whether you’re starting a new business or rebranding an existing one, it’s easy to want to jump ahead and start designing your logo or creating your website.

BUT, before you begin building your brand, you need to answer these three crucial questions to avoid the common pitfalls most small businesses make. 

Who are you?

This may sound like an easy question, but many small businesses forget to ask themselves who they really are and who they’re trying to be before building their brand. Spend some time to discover who you truly are as a business. Ask yourself: why are you in business, what do you value, what is your ultimate vision for the company? This is the best place start to begin developing the path to success for your brand and business.

What do you do?

Next, define what your services, products, or other offerings are. Are they easy to understand, or do you find it difficult to explain what your business does to someone else? Developing a simple, concise explanation of what you do is crucial to helping others understand if they need what you have to offer.

Why does it matter?

And now for the toughest question of them all. Why does your business truly matter to a potential customer? Without a solid answer, it can be difficult for others to understand the value that your business provides. To answer this question, think about the end result of someone using your products or services. Will it save time, make their life easier, or help them feel more confident? Defining why your business matters makes it easy for someone to understand why they should buy from you.

Answering these three important questions can be challenging, but by receiving the right brand foundation and creative support, you can become the confident business owner you were always meant to be!

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By Meg Mothershed

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