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Josiah & Meg, we appreciate you joining us today. In our experience, overnight success is usually the result of years of hard work laying the foundation for success, but unfortunately, it’s exactly this part of the story that most of the media ignores. So, we’d appreciate it if you could open up about your growth story and the nitty, gritty details that went into scaling up.

While our team size may have grown by just one since our founding in 2016, Mothershed Design Co. has grown exponentially in revenue, capabilities, and meaningful clients.

Mothershed Design Co. started off as a one-man band with Josiah Mothershed working away on his laptop in a tiny Denver apartment. He quickly built connections with local marketing agencies and found greater success in his newfound business than he had in his previous career. With that success came an increased demand for operations, project management, and another set of hands to handle all the work! That’s when his wife and fellow designer, Meg, joined him in the business.

Fast-forward nearly six years later, we continually hit realistic revenue goals, have the time to weigh business decisions, truly enjoy our work, and still maintain the passion that got us into business in the first place. The success we’ve been experiencing didn’t come easy, however. It came through tremendous trial and error and by making plenty of mistakes along the way.

Some of the key factors that have allowed us to scale include niching down our services to focus on branding and web design, saying no to projects that just aren’t a good fit, and adopting our company motto of “no work for jerks.”

While it’s never easy to say no, whether to a potential client or project, we’ve found that doing so in situations that are the wrong fit leads to the right kind of success in the long run. Turning down projects and clients that don’t fit our niche or brand values, has allowed us to say YES to working with amazing brands and people, and ultimately making a bigger impact in the small business community.

Awesome—so before we get into the rest of our questions, can you briefly introduce yourself to our readers.

Founded in 2016, Mothershed Design Co. isn’t your typical design studio. We’re the husband-wife team of Josiah and Meg Mothershed, a dynamic duo of passionate designers and entrepreneurs. We help small businesses succeed by building brands and websites that stand out, attract the right customers, and drive growth.

After working as a designer for agencies and in-house teams, Josiah struck out on his own in 2016 and founded Mothershed Design Co. His passion for building great brands and intense love of logos drive him to create the best solutions possible for his clients. As Mothershed Design Co.’s designer and developer, Josiah always thinks outside the box and brings an innovative approach to every project.

Having wanted to own her own business since she was six years old, joining Josiah in the business was a no-brainer. Meg combines her passion for entrepreneurship with a love of problem-solving to help small businesses. As the main point of contact, Meg manages all the nitty-gritty details of the business, as well as handles the copywriting for brands and websites.

At Mothershed Design Co., we’re not a big agency and we’re not flaky freelancers. We’re the best of both worlds: we’ve got the multi-faceted skills of an agency and the flexibility of freelancers, without the expensive overhead or unreliability.

We’re a tiny but mighty team that believes in the power of staying small. With too many cooks in the kitchen, your message can get lost in translation. We keep our operations small to ensure clear communication. That’s why we only take on projects that we can do using our own skills to provide the best service possible.

What do you think is the goal or mission that drives your creative journey?

At Mothershed Design Co., we believe in small, sustainable growth. We have found that’s the key to our success, both professionally and personally. Constantly doing creative work can be both incredibly rewarding and challenging. It’s easy to quickly become burned out doing something you love.

Our goal as a business is to support other small businesses through branding and web design while maintaining the motivation that made us want to start a business in the first place—freedom over our time and spending that time doing something meaningful.

We’d love to hear about how you met your business partner.

Josiah and I are not only business partners, we’re also husband and wife! We met in 2013 via an online dating app. The funny thing was, we actually lived diagonally across the street from one another for nearly a year and had never met. After our first date, Josiah being the gentleman he is, asked if he could walk Meg home—that’s how we found out that we’d been right under each other’s noses the whole time!

After we met, the rest is history. We got married in 2016, the same year that Josiah started Mothershed Design Co. Meg joined him shortly after in 2018 and we’ve been working together to help small businesses ever since!

By Meg Mothershed

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