How To Hire A Logo Design Agency

Recently featured on UpCity’s expert article, How To Hire A Logo Design Agency, Meg Mothershed contributed crucial tips on what to look for when choosing a logo designer.

A logo designer’s portfolio is undoubtedly important, but so is their level of professionalism. Are they responsive and communicative, or do they take forever to respond? When hiring a logo designer, your early interactions are key to predicting what it will be like to work with them and the ultimate success of your project.

When hiring a logo design agency, look for designers that provide a limited number of logo concepts rather than endless, generic options. This indicates that the designer is experienced and knows how to create the right logo to represent your business, rather than taking stabs in the dark.

Avoid logo designers with unclear deliverables and vague timelines. These designers are likely to be poor communicators and extend your project way past the deadline. A great designer should always have a well-thought-out process in place to ensure a successful project and get you back to what matters most: running your business.

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By Meg Mothershed

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