The Best B2B Trends To Implement For 2023

Recently featured on UpCity’s expert article, What Are The Best B2B Trends To Implement For 2023, Meg Mothershed contributed valuable insights on what B2B businesses should focus on next year:

Personalization is a major B2B trend that we fully embrace!

We carefully research and send out mailers advertising our services to potential clients, complete with a personalized, handwritten note. This method of marketing helps to build a relationship and establish trust without ever having spoken with the client yet. We target potential clients who we know we can make a big difference in their businesses. We find that connecting with business owners on a personal level makes a big difference in successful advertising efforts!

Level up your marketing with branded collateral.

Are your lackluster marketing materials holding your business back? Start promoting your brand with confidence with custom-branded collateral. From evergreen one-sheets and social media templates and thank you notes, it's the little details that go a long way towards building your brand.

With Mothershed Design Co.'s Brand Essentials and Comprehensive Brand Packages, you'll receive everything you need to build your brand and start creating new connections. Book a call with us today to discover how we can help! 

By Meg Mothershed

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