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Brand Essentials Package

“They really listened and gave us exactly what we were looking for. Mothershed Design Co. handled our rebranding efforts from start to finish. They took everything we said in the two-hour meeting and put it into a format we could use and present to our customers. Their team was very attentive. Now, we feel that we can keep everything uniform—we’ve never had that before.”

Rob Merto
InkRabbit Printworks

The Challenge

After 15 years in business, World’s Best Banners expanded their offerings far beyond just printing banners and felt held back by their name and outdated brand. They needed a new identity that demonstrated the diversity of their services and helped them attract new customers.

The Solution

We developed a new name, InkRabbit Printworks, to represent the speed, precision, and versatility of the company’s services. The InkRabbit brand uses bold visuals and a unique logo to help them stand out from the competition. InkRabbit’s rebrand gave them the confidence they needed to launch marketing campaigns and win over new customers.

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